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Best Roofing Materials for Texas heat, cold, and hail.

From bitter cold to extreme heat, the North American climate is very diverse. Depending on where you live, typical roofing materials like asphalt shingles, clay, or metal roofing may fail sooner than the expected warranty due to their durability. Let’s look at how Euroshield Roofing materials hold up in extreme conditions.
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Hail Alley, as it’s called, stretches from Wyoming to Texas and from the Rocky Mountains into Missouri. Land and atmosphere features create favorable conditions for hailstorms, but the Eastern Coast, including Pennsylvania down through Florida, is a growing target.
Whether pea-sized or baseball-sized, hail can cause a lot of damage. They can cause dents and bruising, which can cause water pooling and absorption, or worse, crack or shatter shingles. All Euroshield roofs are warrantied for hailstones up to two inches, but there are also hail-proof solutions with UL2218 Class 4 Impact Ratings that are proven to withstand impact from hailstones up to four inches in diameter.
Wind can be an isolated event, part of a strong storm, tied to tornadic activity, or occur during a tropical storm or hurricane. While every area of North America has seen its share of windstorms, homes from the Midwest to the Southern and Eastern Coast tend to experience more tornadoes and tropical systems.
Powerful winds can rip off shingles and damage the roof’s decking, facia, flashing, or other parts. Tornadoes can take off a few shingles or obliterate a home, similar to hurricanes. Most roofing materials are not made to withstand high winds, much less winds that exceed 50mph. Euroshield’s rubber shingles provide superior wind protection. During Hurricane Irma, a Euroshield Roof was still standing after facing category five sustained winds of 186 mph and gusts up to 223 mph.
Southern cities in North America may not need to worry about prolonged exposure to snow and dangerous freezing conditions. But it’s a fact of life for homeowners in the Northwest, Midwest, northern East Coast, and well into Canada. Even communities in North Texas can see up to 10 inches of snow each winter.



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