Modern Roofing Built To Last

The days of sacrificing beauty and style for durability and toughness are over. Get luxurious natural slate or wood shake roofing style without the challenges, waste, or expense of other premium materials.
We set out to develop durable roofing materials that wouldn’t end up in a landfill after a few years. Euroshield® roofs, made from recycled tires, come with an unbeatable warranty that underscores the peace of mind you should feel by having an almost indestructible roof over your head.

The Top 5 Benefits of Euroshield

95 % Recycled Content

Superior Wind Performance

Unmatched Hail Protection

Unbeatable Warranty

North American Made






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Battle Tested and Impact Rated For the Worst Weather Conditions

Ultimate Protection Against Weather

Hail, high winds, heavy rains, ice, snow, UV radiation, and thermal expansion from prolonged exposure to the sun can damage a roof. Meanwhile, home and business owners across the U.S. face over 5,000 major hail storms per year, with annual losses averaging between $8 billion and $14 billion.
Besides unmatched Class 4 UL2218 impact resistance hailstone protection, Euroshield’s sophisticated locking system provides superior wind performance to other roofing materials. Add to that the increase of carbon black materials helps absorb damaging ultraviolet rays, and you’re talking game-changing protection.

A Lifetime Investment in Quality

Wood or slate shingles help create curb appeal and give a home an old-world European elegance. But it comes at a considerable cost—and not just the price point. Real slate shingles are susceptible to damage and cracking, while mold growth from rain and other elements compromise wood and asphalt roofing material.
Nothing is as durable or able to withstand extreme weather conditions as tires. Euroshield® researched and invested in the best tire rubber to create our roofing materials. Traditional roofs last 12-15 years. Shake or Slate Euroshield® shingles can last up to 50 years in some of the worst weather events!

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Technology

‘Going green’ isn’t just a catchphrase for us. All Euroshield® rubber roofs are manufactured from 95% recycled materials, with the highest quality virgin crumb rubber derived from recycled tires. Our shingles help reduce landfill waste while offering a roofing product that stands the test of time.
It is interesting to note that from 250 to 1,000 rubber tires are used to produce a Euroshield® roof for an average-sized home and that the scrap generated during the installation process can be collected and recycled again – virtually eliminating environmentally harmful waste.
"We are committed to providing superior protection for your family now and for generations to come while actively reducing landfill waste and conserving our planet’s resources." Lesley Gustafson, Euroshield President