The Right Balance of Sophistication, Sturdiness, and Savings

Your home is a safe haven. And the roof that protects it should be reliable in severe weather and easy to maintain. Shake and Slate Euroshield® roofing materials offer ultimate durability without compromising style. That’s why we offer two premium roofing shingles in five flawless designs for home and business owners. 

Shake Roofing: Bold & Versatile

Traditional wood shingles give way to mold, warping, insects, and more. Innovative shingles give your roof an upscale appearance without sacrificing strength and durability. Euroshield® rubber roofing also provides superior protection with unmatched Class 4 UL2218 impact resistance and a 50-year warranty.

Beaumont Shake

Beaumont Shake offers an authentic-looking Shake profile with vertical grooves, rich cedar grain, and the natural texture of genuine hand-split wood. You’ll love the rustic charm, elegant shadow lines, and smooth, uniform appearance.

Ranchlands Shake


We’ve engineered the Ranchlands Shake style to show off ultra-deep shadow lines and long, dramatic vertical grains that add sophistication and class to industry-leading durability. The wavy grain and rough texture perfectly mimic real wood shake.

Slate Shingles: Luxury & Performance

Slate shingles are expensive, heavy, and can crack under the weight of snow and hail. With Slate Roofing from Euroshield®, you get the aesthetic appeal of authentic slate but with the lightness of rubber, unprecedented durability, and comparitive longevity–all at significantly lower cost.

Vermont Slate

Aesthetic Protection. This is our most realistic and refined slate style to date. Achieve the rich and uniform beauty of premium slate roofing with a lightweight material that’s much easier to transport, install, and afford than actual stone. It won’t shatter like natural slate, either!

Vermont Slate HP

Hail Proof. We’ve created the world’s first and only factory warranted hail-proof roofing material. The Vermont Slate HP style is fully guaranteed to ward off impact damage from hail of any size for 20 years — and with luxurious slate styling, to boot.

Rundle Slate

Chiseled Opulence. At first glance, Rundle Slate shingles look authentic. Once installed on your roof, it sets your home apart. Rundle Slate duplicates the old-world charm and beauty of extra-thick slate. The coarse edge textures and robust profile of Rundle Slate give it strong shadow lines and a majestic hewn appearance.