Reducing Landfill Waste One Roof At A Time

In 1999, Henry Kamphuis founded G.E.M., the manufacturer of Euroshield® Recycled Rubber Roofing Products. Why? He wanted to help solve the overwhelming problem of old tires clogging up landfills and dumpsites. After years of research and trial and error, he created this exceptionally durable, authentic-looking, environmentally friendly green roofing system.

Our Process

We are a verified Euroshield installer in North America. Our process is simple:
  • CONTACT RCC Houston - 281-973-4893 or email [email protected] 
  • DISCUSS your preferred design or end goals directly and receive a project quote
  • INSTALLATION of your roof as agreed with RCC Houston
  • WARRANTY – submit your transferable limited lifetime warranty and never worry about your roof again!
If you have questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us via our contact form or call us on (281) 973-4893, our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

No Other Product Holds Up Under Wear And Tear Like Euroshield

Euroshield® products were specifically designed to overcome extreme weather impact and temperature variances that cause splitting, peeling, cracking, and rotting, undesirable characteristics associated with aging of other roofing systems. The reverse side of each Euroshield® panel features small cubical chambers designed to ensure structural integrity. In turn, the cubicles trap air, creating an effective insulation barrier, which can reduce energy use in warmer climates. An added benefit to the design is additional sound-deadening qualities.