Colonial white gutter guard system, fascia, drip edge, soffit providing ventilation to the attic, with pacific blue vinyl horizontal siding at a luxury American single family home neighborhood USARCC HOU Home Construction
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Interior construction home remodel framing projectRCC HOU Home Construction
RCC HOU customer photos of house and detail of roofingRCC HOU Home Construction


RCC HOU Roofing offers customers a wide variety of choices in wood fencing. All our wood fences are built to your plans and specifications. From post and beam to classic slat semi-private wood fencing, all styles are built to a customer's specifications and needs by our team.

Wood fencing can be installed ready for painting or staining, or let the elements weather your fence to an attractive natural shade. A traditional choice for yard enclosures and gates, wood fencing can create an attractive accent for your property, a decorative backdrop for garden or side yard plantings or a historically correct addition to your residence.


At RCC HOU Roofing, we can install seamless gutters that are leak proof, which ensures no water damage occurs to your home. From single family homes, outbuilding, business, or any other structure where moving rain occurs, a gutter is required. In addition, we offer a large variety of colors to choose from. 

A properly designed downspout is angled at the right degree to move water away from the foundation and to the nearest drain. The technicians at RCC HOU Roofing are experts at the proper installation, and we design your downspouts to match your new or existing siding.

Painting & Remodeling

RCC HOU Roofing is the premier painting contractor for Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience our team has been painting the neighborhoods of our community for several years now. Trust your home with our more than qualified painting team to complete an exterior job in no time!

Looking to remodel your home? Does it need an upgrade? Let the team at RCC HOU Roofing help. We have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to remodel any home to make it look new. From the interior of your home such as your bathroom or kitchen to the exterior sides including chimneys, siding, roofs, and more. Call us today to speak with a member of our team.


Looking to upgrade your windows to a better design as well as giving that brighter light in your home? Check out the team at RCC HOU Roofing. With our highly trained and experienced installation crew, can trust your windows will last you a long time and keep your home comfortable and safe. We also repair windows that have broken glass panes. Call to set up an estimate today.