Benefits of a Metal Roof

Standing seam metal (often aluminum) can withstand severe weather more than most other roofing materials. Standing seam roofing is made of vertical panels that run the length of the roof. Because the seam between panels is raised, each panel becomes a wide channel to allow water to run off the roof. Because water damage is so rare with standing seam roofing, it’s one of the most popular metal roofing types. If you're looking for the ultimate protection for your corporate warehouse, for instance, a strong metal roof might be just what you need.
Metal is one of the longest-lasting roof materials and can also be one of the most energy efficient because metal reflects heat and sunlight away from your building—especially if it’s painted a light color.


  • Unique style / look
  • Long life cycle (50 Years)
  • Very lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Hail Resistant
  • Low maintenance


  • Expensive
  • Not very walkable
  • Insurance can be difficult to work with
  • (i.e. cosmetic damage only)

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