Metal Roofing


We offer several standing seam profiles which we produce on our rollformer. All panels can be produced at our facility or ran at the job-site. We also offer labor only on panels as well as trim. We also offer several other panels from R-Panel, wall panels, soffit, and many more.

Standing Seam Profiles

FF100 1″ Snap Lock (Nail Strip)

FF100 Standing Seam – 1″ Snap Lock Standing Seam Profile with integrated clip, eliminates the need for costly clips, and dramatically saves on labor. This product is well suited for residential, and small commercial applications. Available in 12″ and 16″ widths in both 24 and 26 Gauge Steel.
FF100 Technical Data Sheet

ML150 1.5″ Mechanical Lock (Requires clips & seamer)

ML150 Mechanical Lock Standing Seam – Mechanical Lock Standing Seam Profile requires a clip for installation. This structural panel requires that the panel be mechanically seamed during the installation process. The panel is structural and can be used over open framing up to 4′ spacing and is well suited for commercial construction as well as areas requiring high wind speed performance. Available in both 24 and 26 Gauge Steel, .032 Aluminum as well as 16 and 20 Oz. Copper.
ML150 Tech Data Sheet TDI Approval ML150

ML200 2″ Mechanical Lock (Requires clips & seamer)

ML200 Mechanical Lock Standing Seam – Structural Standing SeamMetal Roofing System Commercial profile for multiple deck and slope applications Combines optimum performance with excellent value Specially designed clip allows thermal movement Tested panel for rated assemblies achieves higher performance levels Mechanical locked seam for long-term, weather tight performance
ML200 Tech Data Sheet

LT100 1″ Snap Lock (Requires clip)

LT100 Snap Lock – 1″ Snap Lock Standing Seam profile can be installed on solid decking as well as open framing up to 4′ spacing and requires a clip for installation. Available in multiple widths in both 24 and 26 Gauge as well as .032 Aluminum.
LT100 Technical Data Sheet