Why Go With a Shingle Roof?

The most affordable (and, therefore, most popular) roofing material throughout the United States is asphalt. Asphalt shingles, also called composite shingles, are affordable and widely available. You see these shingles on most "suburban" homes. You can expect this roofing material to keep your property and assets safe from the elements for a lifespan of up to twenty years. It'll be up to you, though, to maintain and care for the roof over the years to keep up its quality.


  • Low cost / reasonable durability
  • Insurance claim friendly
  • Most common roof material
  • Many colors and shapes available
  • Low maintenance
  • Fireproof
  • Approved by 99% of HOA’s


  • Not as long lasting as other materials
  • 3 Tab’s are susceptible to wind damage
  • Not energy efficient
  • Not environmentally friendly

Different Shingle Types

25-Year (3 Tab Shingles)
An excellent and affordable choice for simple and timeless beauty that comes with a 25-year material warranty.
30-Year (Architectural Shingles)
This shingle is by far and away from our most popular with our customers for many reasons. Durable, long-lasting, with great value, and lifetime warranty is an excellent balance of quality, beauty, and affordability.
Designer Shingles
All of the durability and quality found in a 30-year shingle, married with a distinct and innovative look that just fits certain homes or neighborhoods. The Designer shingle can truly set your house apart with a sophisticated beauty that is quite unique and valuable at the same time.
Impact Resistant Shingles
If you are looking for a roof that will last at least 20 years or longer, and save you 15% or more on your home insurance rates, then an Impact Resistant Shingle may be the right fit for you.

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