Roof Repair and Replacement

If you’re worried about the expense of roof repair or roof replacement, roof insurance not covering some damage, or you just need help financing your roofing project, look no further than RCC Houston.

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We’re also experienced with construction, remodeling, and painting projects in addition to roof repair and replacement.

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Roof Repair

Although this is a great start to determining where the leak is coming from, it may not tell you the whole story.

Shingles tend to seal themselves through the overlap design and installation so it is can be unlikely that your water is not coming in through the shingles unless your shingles are missing, broken, cracked or have nail heads that were not properly sealed. It is often more likely that water has found its way in via a chimney, a skylight, a vent, or a pipeboot.

When shingles are installed they are cut around these areas and flashing is then installed to bridge the gap. If your flashing is no longer sealed properly, or has been compromised, water has easy access to run under the shingles and into your home or attic. It is important to connect with RCC Houston to get our professionals  assess where the leak is coming from and to repair it before the issue becomes much larger and more expensive.


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