Roof Leak Repairs Cannot Wait

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to prioritize improvements and repairs based on budget and necessity. This practice sometimes results in pushing off roof repairs in favor of another project that seems like more of an emergency. Placing a higher value on other home repairs over your roof often costs hard-working people in Texas more than they expected. Unlike other minor upkeep projects, your roof remains the first line of defense against substantial damage.

The impact of severe weather storms, searing temperatures, and arctic blasts can take their toll on any structure. Your roof feels the brunt of these and other conditions. If you see any of the following telltale signs that your roof may have been compromised, it’s crucial to take prompt corrective measures:
  • Shingles are curled, cracked, or showing signs of decay
  • Your roof has missing shingles after a high-wind event
  • Shingle granules are turning up in gutters
  • Flashing is damaged or lifting
  • You see wear and tear signs around vents and chimneys
  • Light penetrating into your attic
  • Watermarks from leaks appear on your ceiling
  • Energy bills rise unexpectedly
These are signs that your roof is no longer functioning at a high enough level to protect the structural integrity of your home. Faltering shingles, gaps, and inadequate flashing allows moisture to get into attics, ceilings, behind walls, and negatively impact the structure. The result of even minor moisture incursions diminishes the strength of support beams, walls, and may spur unhealthy mold growths.

Don’t risk your roof being serviced on by cheap or improper repair, and less than quality work. Our customers can vouch for us.

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Call A Roof Leak Repair Professional You Can Trust

At RCC Houston, we understand that you have bills to pay and have to prioritize home repairs and upkeep. That’s why we provide helpful inspections and consultations about the next steps. If you are concerned about leaks, damage, wear, or have an aging roof that has seen better days, call our service professionals and schedule a quality roof inspection today.
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