Euroshield® recycled rubber roofing

EuroShield is the Answer to Houstons Tough Weather!

Where are Euroshield® rubber roofing products manufactured?

We are a North American Company Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located at 9330 48th st SE, Calgary, AB, Canada.

What are Euroshield® rubber roofing products made from?

Will Euroshield® products crack like tires can crack?

To answer this question properly you have to understand what makes tires crack. Tires have metal wiring in them, this is what gives the tire its shape, and when you expand & contract this wire enough it will eventually break. When the metal in the tire breaks you will visually see the rubber crack or separate. Euroshield® roofing materials contain no metal so we do not have to worry about this problem. In both real-life & lab-testing, Euroshield® has never cracked.

How resistant is Euroshield® to high wind conditions?

Euroshield® recycled rubber roofing has been tested to the required Modified Dade County test in compliance with the CCMC guidelines for wind uplift and wind-driven rain to 170 kph and passed. In 3rd party wind testing (ASTM D3161-modified) at PRI Labs in Tampa, Florida, our Panel Loc products achieved 250kph straight-line wind testing pass for 2 hours with no blow-off. The unique interlocking panels of Euroshield products hold the leading edge in a lock-down position so the corners will not lift or curl and blow off, even in extreme high-wind conditions.

Are all Euroshield® roofs hail proof?

All Euroshield® rubber roofs have achieved the highest rating, UL2218 Class 4 for Impact and are Listed and Labelled with QAI Labs (An accredited testing facility for the USA and Canada). However, at Euroshield® we wanted to go beyond merely “acceptable” criteria for UL2218 Class 4. We wanted true impact resistance beyond that of a steel ball dropped from 20 feet. After all, hail comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and speeds, so we wanted to guarantee that your roof would be protected from the majority of hailstorms. Warranty coverage is provided for hail impact, up to 2″ in diameter for all products for 50 years and enables homeowners to obtain a reduction in their residential insurance premiums, if available, from their provider.

Is the Vermont Slate HP really hail proof?

Yes, our Vermont Slate HP has been independently tested to well beyond the highest impact resistance Class 4 UL2218 requirements. You can see how our Vermont Slate HP (Hail Proof) panels withstood an assault from an air cannon firing a simulated hail impact of four inches in diameter at 183mph without so much as a scratch here. Be aware that “impact resistance” doesn’t automatically mean that your roof is warrantied against hail so you may want to check with the manufacturer if your roof has an actual hail warranty. That’s why we developed our Vermont Slate HP roof, it is probably the most impact-resistant shingle on the market today and is warrantied for any size hailstone for the first 20 years.

Does the colour extend below the surface of the shingle?

The colour in Euroshield® roofing products goes all the way through the piece; colour is added to the mix during the manufacturing process embedding it in the material ensuring that it won’t crack, peel or flake and if a panel is scratched the colour will remain the same because there is no coating to wear away, fade or peel.


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