What is a Roof Tune-Up?

A Roof “TUNE-UP” is an excellent way to prolong the life of your roof.  Every Fix My Roof Houston “TUNE-UP” comes with a free roof inspection and repairs to your roof where needed. Fix My Roof Houston will also certify your entire roof, 100% LEAK FREE for a full 36 months. The “TUNE-UP” comes with annual drone inspections. We encourage home owners to have this done at least every 2 to 3 years in order to get the full life expectancy out of your shingles. 


What is Include in A Roof Tune-Up

  • Repair any and all roof leaks
  • Correct attic ventilation
    Replace missing or broken tiles/singles/& metal
  • Includes thermal imaging inspection
  • Seal pipe vents/gaskets
  • Seal and paint roof vents
  • Re-nail loose flashing
  • Treat rust, prime and paint with industrial enamel
  • Installers photograph and archive the entire repair
  • We offer a fully transferrable 36 months labor and material warranty
  • Policy protection will cover shingles, tiles & metal roofs
  • Extended 60 month coverage if roof meets requirements

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Roof Preventative Maintenance Services



Re-fasten all penetrations using a preferred fastener that is screwed in versus nailed. The fasteners we use are predisposed for wood and equipped with washers that seals to metal.


Repair any exterior nail pops on field and capping shingles. ridge vent (If present) and exposed flashing attached to roof substrates.


Caulk all cladding flashings, penetrations and exposed closure fasteners using a high-grade exterior roof caulking.


Paint all penetrations and flashings using a high-grade roof paint that is color matched as close as possible to existing roofing shingles. Aesthetically pleasing but also is a preservative and helps against our tough elements.


Power washing with Eco-Friendly Solutions to keep your roof in great shape!

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Penetrations, nail pops, caulk, and paint

Whether you need preventative roof maintenance for your home or business, we can help.
  • Roof Installation
  • Ensure Safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Storm Damage / Hail Damage
  • Leaks / Water Stained Ceiling
  • Skilled & Trained Personel