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Reducing Landfill Waste One Roof At A Time

In 1999, Henry Kamphuis founded G.E.M., the manufacturer of Euroshield® Recycled Rubber Roofing Products. Why? He wanted to help solve the overwhelming problem of old tires clogging up landfills and dumpsites. After years of research and trial and error, he created this exceptionally durable, authentic-looking, environmentally friendly green roofing system.

Why Choose Euroshield?

  • Made from 95% recycled material (rubber tires)
  • Extremely durable
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Resistant to hail
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Generous transferable warranties (non prorated)
  • Sound deadening & insulating
  • The affordable permanent roofing solution
  • Adds value to your home
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Our Warranty

Rubber tires are made to be highly durable and withstand extreme weather conditions.

This is why we back Euroshield® roofing products to stand the test of time. All Euroshield roofing products carry a generous hail warranty that provides you with the peace of mind that your roof will withstand whatever the conditions throw at it.

You can also register for your limited lifetime warranty with our warranty forms here.

Protect Your Home

The BIG problem with hail storms is that they are unpredictable and potentially devastating. Besides, if you don’t have the right protection for your home, there is very little you can do. Unlike the car, you cannot move your roof inside.

All Euroshield® roofs offer serious protection from serious weather as well as being eco-friendly.

This means that you can do your bit for the planet as well as protecting your home from the worst forces that the planet throws back at you!

Our Process

We are a verified Euroshield installer in North America. Our process is simple:

  • CONTACT RCC Houston – 281-973-4893 or email 
  • DISCUSS your preferred design or end goals directly and receive a project quote
  • INSTALLATION of your roof as agreed with RCC Houston
  • WARRANTY – submit your transferable limited lifetime warranty and never worry about your roof again!


If you have questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us via our contact form or call us on (281) 973-4893, our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

No Other Product Holds Up Under Wear And Tear Like Euroshield

Euroshield® products were specifically designed to overcome extreme weather impact and temperature variances that cause splitting, peeling, cracking, and rotting, undesirable characteristics associated with aging of other roofing systems. The reverse side of each Euroshield® panel features small cubical chambers designed to ensure structural integrity. In turn, the cubicles trap air, creating an effective insulation barrier, which can reduce energy use in warmer climates. An added benefit to the design is additional sound-deadening qualities.

Warranty Information


Please complete the Warranty Registration Form found on this page and print a copy prior to sending it. The warranty registration form must be submitted within 90 days of completed roof installation to be valid. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your warranty registration information. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please resubmit or contact us toll-free at (877) 387 7667. In the weeks following, you will receive a Euroshield Warranty Certificate by email (or regular mail if preferred).


If you have any issue with your Euroshield Rubber Roof, please complete the Warranty Claim Form found below, along with photos to help clarify the concern (photos are required), and submit to We will review and respond back in a timely fashion. For further information on the process or if you have specific questions, please call our toll free number 1-877-387-7667.

You have questions? We have answers!

If you we aren’t able to answer your question below, drop us a line! We would love to hear from you and give you the answers you need.

Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located at 9330 48th st SE, Calgary, AB, Canada.
The major component in the Euroshield® formula is recycled tire rubber comprising approximately 70% of the material. The rest is a proprietary blend of other materials that add to its industry-leading durability and longevity, for a total of 95% recycled content used in the making of the finished product.
To answer this question properly you have to understand what makes tires crack. Tires have metal wiring in them, this is what gives the tire its shape, and when you expand & contract this wire enough it will eventually break. When the metal in the tire breaks you will visually see the rubber crack or separate. Euroshield® roofing materials contain no metal so we do not have to worry about this problem. In both real-life & lab-testing, Euroshield® has never cracked.
Euroshield® recycled rubber roofing has been tested to the required Modified Dade County test in compliance with the CCMC guidelines for wind uplift and wind-driven rain to 170 kph and passed. In 3rd party wind testing (ASTM D3161-modified) at PRI Labs in Tampa, Florida, our Panel Loc products achieved 250kph straight-line wind testing pass for 2 hours with no blow-off. The unique interlocking panels of Euroshield products hold the leading edge in a lock-down position so the corners will not lift or curl and blow off, even in extreme high-wind conditions.
All Euroshield® rubber roofs have achieved the highest rating, UL2218 Class 4 for Impact and are Listed and Labelled with QAI Labs (An accredited testing facility for the USA and Canada). However, at Euroshield® we wanted to go beyond merely “acceptable” criteria for UL2218 Class 4. We wanted true impact resistance beyond that of a steel ball dropped from 20 feet. After all, hail comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and speeds, so we wanted to guarantee that your roof would be protected from the majority of hailstorms. Warranty coverage is provided for hail impact, up to 2″ in diameter for all products for 50 years and enables homeowners to obtain a reduction in their residential insurance premiums, if available, from their provider.
Yes, our Vermont Slate HP has been independently tested to well beyond the highest impact resistance Class 4 UL2218 requirements. You can see how our Vermont Slate HP (Hail Proof) panels withstood an assault from an air cannon firing a simulated hail impact of four inches in diameter at 183mph without so much as a scratch here. Be aware that “impact resistance” doesn’t automatically mean that your roof is warrantied against hail so you may want to check with the manufacturer if your roof has an actual hail warranty. That’s why we developed our Vermont Slate HP roof, it is probably the most impact-resistant shingle on the market today and is warrantied for any size hailstone for the first 20 years.
The colour in Euroshield® roofing products goes all the way through the piece; colour is added to the mix during the manufacturing process embedding it in the material ensuring that it won’t crack, peel or flake and if a panel is scratched the colour will remain the same because there is no coating to wear away, fade or peel.
Over time, as with virtually anything exposed to the sun’s rays, the product will change colour slightly and uniformly, when exposed to equal amounts of sun, such that it develops a soft warm rich patina. Due to the amounts of carbon black contained in Euroshield® rubber roofing products they have extreme resistance to UV rays to provide the best possible colour performance over time. (allowing them to weather better than most other natural or synthetic roofing products on the market.)
Roofing products sold in North America are subjected to various forms of extreme testing designed to simulate the exposure to the elements over time. CCMC assigns a product registration based on these results. These accelerated weather test results give us a reasonable expectation of performance over time. Based on our test results we are confident Euroshield® roofing products will stand the test of time. Rubber tires have been around a lot longer than most folks can remember and Euroshield® products are mostly derived from recycled tires. The durability and long-lasting properties of rubber are well documented. Our products have been tested to the highest standards required in the industry today and very few products can make that claim (refer to the test section of our website).
Homeowner’s and DIYers are welcome to purchase and install our Euroshield® rubber roofing products. Providing all Euroshield® installation guidelines as well all building codes pertinent to the area of jurisdiction for the installation are followed.
At 240lbs per roofing square up to 340lbs per roofing square, Euroshield® is comparable to the average of 230lbs per roofing square for architectural asphalt shingles meaning no additional structural support requirements are necessary for installing our products.
You will not damage your Euroshield® roof, nor will you void the warranty, if you walk on it, jump on it or even breakdance on it. It’s probably the most durable roof on the market today.
Roofs that have slopes of 3:12 or less are not suited for Euroshield® rubber roofing products. Generally, our products are better suited to steeper slopes of 4:12 or greater, where their performance is greater and their enhanced aesthetics are more readily visible. Please contact Euroshield® for inquiries on specific applications.
Roofing products are not included in Canada’s Energy Star Program. Rundle Slate/Ranchlands Shake has never been required to have an R-value for any certification standards, but G.E.M. Inc. has had a number of customers comment on the difference the product has made in keeping their homes cooler in the summertime, and to the superior sound-deadening qualities as well.
Yes. Like a new set of tires on your automobile, you may notice a rubber smell after installation however this dissipates over time after exposure to the elements.
Use a residential grade power washer to ensure the pressure of 2,000 psi or less using water only, no chemicals. The power washer nozzle should be held approximately 12 inches away from the shingle surface and sprayed from top to bottom. It is important to not spray side to side and that the water always moves from top to bottom. If needed any areas can be lightly scrubbed with a soft nylon brush.

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The Right Balance of Sophistication, Sturdiness, and Savings

Your home is a safe haven. And the roof that protects it should be reliable in severe weather and easy to maintain. Shake and Slate Euroshield® roofing materials offer ultimate durability without compromising style. That’s why we offer two premium roofing shingles in five flawless designs for home and business owners.

Shake Roofing: Bold & Versatile

Traditional wood shingles give way to mold, warping, insects, and more. Innovative shingles give your roof an upscale appearance without sacrificing strength and durability. Euroshield® rubber roofing also provides superior protection with unmatched Class 4 UL2218 impact resistance and a 50-year warranty.

Beaumont Shake

Beaumont Shake offers an authentic-looking Shake profile with vertical grooves, rich cedar grain, and the natural texture of genuine hand-split wood. You’ll love the rustic charm, elegant shadow lines, and smooth, uniform appearance.

Ranchlands Shake

We’ve engineered the Ranchlands Shake style to show off ultra-deep shadow lines and long, dramatic vertical grains that add sophistication and class to industry-leading durability. The wavy grain and rough texture perfectly mimic real wood shake.

Slate Shingles: Luxury & Performance

Slate shingles are expensive, heavy, and can crack under the weight of snow and hail. With Slate Roofing from Euroshield®, you get the aesthetic appeal of authentic slate but with the lightness of rubber, unprecedented durability, and comparitive longevity–all at significantly lower cost.

Vermont Slate

Aesthetic Protection. This is our most realistic and refined slate style to date. Achieve the rich and uniform beauty of premium slate roofing with a lightweight material that’s much easier to transport, install, and afford than actual stone. It won’t shatter like natural slate, either!

Vermont Slate HP

Hail Proof. We’ve created the world’s first and only factory warranted hail-proof roofing material. The Vermont Slate HP style is fully guaranteed to ward off impact damage from hail of any size for 20 years — and with luxurious slate styling, to boot.

Rundle Slate

Chiseled Opulence. At first glance, Rundle Slate shingles look authentic. Once installed on your roof, it sets your home apart. Rundle Slate duplicates the old-world charm and beauty of extra-thick slate. The coarse edge textures and robust profile of Rundle Slate give it strong shadow lines and a majestic hewn appearance.

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but seeing the traditional and authentic look of Euroshield® shingles in real-time can help make this once-in-a-lifetime decision a reality.

Shake Roofing: Bold & Versatile

Traditional wood shingles give way to mold, warping, insects, and more. Innovative shingles give your roof an upscale appearance without sacrificing strength and durability. Euroshield® rubber roofing also provides superior protection with unmatched Class 4 UL2218 impact resistance and a 50-year warranty.

Warranty Information

Rubber tires have been around longer than most folks can remember, and Euroshield® products are primarily derived from recycled tires. The durability and long-lasting properties of rubber are well documented.

If you have any issue with your Euroshield Rubber Roof, please complete the Warranty Claim Form found on this page, along with photos that may help clarify the concern, and submit to We will review and respond in a timely fashion. For further information on the process or if you have specific questions, please call our toll free number



People are talking about Euroshield® projects and installation services. Check out dozens of reviews left by real clients.

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We’re not mind-readers, but we’ve listed common questions and answers here on this page. Plus, we know there’s a little bit of “no way” when it comes to believing our Euroshield® roofing material does a superb job protecting your home from the elements.

Designed for Success

Each Euroshield shingle offers residential and commercial customers unbeatable protection from the elements. Take a look at how our five Euroshield roofing systems complement the building aesthetics and environment around them.

Beaumont Shake

Beaumont Shake from Euroshield® provides the authentic shake appeal and colour that will last a lifetime.

The lifetime strength and durability of a Beaumont Shake roof will bring peace of mind while you will also be doing your bit for the environment by saving hundreds of tires from ending up in our landfills.

Rundle Slate

Rundle Slate provides the appeal of upscale, extra-thick, chiselled-edge slate but with the relative lightness of rubber and the guaranteed durability of a roof that will last a lifetime – all at a significantly lower cost than real slate.

With Rundle Slate, you get the personal satisfaction of saving hundreds of tires from ending up in our landfills while the neighbours and passersby admire your luxurious authentic slate roof!

Ranchlands Shake

Ranchlands Shake roofs provide the sought-after aesthetics of fine shake without the issues that typically affect shake roofs like cracking, rotting, curling, fading from UV rays, algae, mould, and extra weight from moisture absorption.

Ranchlands Shake brings peace of mind that the roof over your head will last a lifetime as well as the satisfaction of contributing to the health of the environment by saving hundreds of tires from ending up in our landfills.

Vermont Slate

A Vermont Slate roof helps you get the balance between beauty and protection right. You get the rich texture, edge detailing and fine-grain features of real slate but your home is also protected from the risks posed by the elements.

With Vermont Slate, you not only have a roof that will last a lifetime with the aesthetic appeal of real slate but you also save hundreds of tires from ending up in our landfills.

Vermont Slate HP

Vermont Slate HP is the only roofing material guaranteed against any size hail. It is also affordably priced, between low-cost shingle roofing and premium roofing products such as metal and cedar.