How it Works: Max Def Colors

When you choose Landmark® PRO shingles by CertainTeed, the quality of your shingle is guaranteed. We use multiple roofing technologies to create tough, long-lasting, and great-looking products, because you should not have to sacrifice curb appeal for performance.

One of the key aesthetic features of our Landmark PRO shingle line is its Max Def color palette, which is an improvement over standard palettes due to the increased contrast, rich coloration, and sophisticated gradient blends.

Learn how we create Max Def colors and how you can choose the best shingle style for your home.

Color is Ingrained Into our Max Def Shingles

When it comes to roofing shingles, the product color is actually a complex array of colored granules that are combined to create gradient blends on the shingle surface. However, without beautifully colored granules, you can’t get a deep and robust shingle color.

The journey to a high-quality color starts in the laboratory, where our research and development teams explore hundreds of different pigments and pigment combinations in order to identify the color blends needed to create a shingle color. Compared to standard shingle colors, Max Def colors have a unique and special blend composition that highlights the colors and aesthetics of the shingles.

Once the colors for the granule blend are identified, the granules are color-coated and added to our shingle surfaces during the manufacturing process using precise instruments that place the granules on the shingles to exacting specifications. The result is a rich surface of shingles that create your ideal roof color.

Get to Know Our Max Def Colors

Landmark PRO shingles come in a variety of Max Def colors that can meet almost any design preference. You can opt for a contemporary dark color, such as Moire Black, get a stylish slate-like look with our Georgetown Gray, or capture a lighter, wood shake-inspired tan and brown with Resawn Shake.

You can review Landmark PRO Max Def colors online to see which ones you are interested in exploring for your roofing project.

Visualize Your Home With ColorView

If a few shingle swatches catch your eye, but you aren’t sure how they will look on your home, turn to the ColorView® tool by CertainTeed. With ColorView, you can upload a photo of your own home and mask it with different shingle colors to help determine which Max Def colors work best for you.

If tech tools are not your cup of tea, no worries! You can pay a small fee to have your photo professionally masked with different Max Def shingle colors to preview how your new roof would look.

Choose a Shingle Color That Shines

Don’t settle for a standard shingle color that blends in with other homes in the neighborhood. Standout with a selection from Landmark PRO’s Max Def color palette, and enjoy beautiful protection that will last for decades.


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