Worried about the cost of roof repair?

Worried about the expense of roof repair or roof replacement? Insurance not covering some damage or needs? RCC Houston has financing available! Make your home whole again with our experienced team.

Connect with us at https://fixmyroofhouston.com or call (281) 973-4893 – or email Sales@rcchou.com today to get your free roof inspection and estimate.

Storm season is just around the corner and RCC and our experienced team is at the ready to tackle your home repair project, roof repair, or roof replacement. We are also experienced with construction, remodeling, painting. With roof repair financing available, there’s no reason to wait – get your roof fixed today!

Chimney Leak: It is not uncommon to have a chimney leak. Homeowners tend to forget to have their chimney serviced regularly, and over time they begin to deteriorate. Sometimes birds will even help that process along by pecking at a chimney until holes appear. The holes are open sources for water to enter your chimney and subsequently your home. When inspecting the chimney, there are several items that should be assessed such as the material of which it is made, the design of the chimney, and the slope of the roof.


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